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I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an award-winning Psychology student. I have personally lost 80+ pounds and more importantly, I know the mindset of being the “fat” guy. 


My fitness journey was a bumpy one. I spent years binge eating, hating myself, and putting on 80 pounds all while trying to LOSE weight. I have avoided mirrors. I have experienced screwing up my diet and saying “I’ll get back on it Monday”. Like many of you, I have faced many years of failure losing weight.


Since then, I cracked the code of PRACTICAL weight loss and lost 80+ pounds to transform my life forever and I want to share it with the world. I am here to help you FINALLY lose the weight, love what you see in the mirror, and change your life forever. Weight Loss is more than an accomplishment. It is an evolution of your quality of life. It is YOUR time to transform your life and get #jacked.

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Watch this if you can't lose the weight.

This is my weight gain/weight loss journey. How you can finally lose the weight.

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6 Week Coach Package

"The Fat Loss Solution"

by Jackson Desjardins


Have you tried to lose weight and failed countless times? In this short PDF, I lay out EXACTLY how I lost 80+ pounds and how YOU can finally lose the weight for good. It is time to throw away dieting and change your life forever.


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